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IPAD SOCK. (Crochet)


I probably know what you’re thinking. What the heck is that thing?
It’s my iPad mini “sock”.
I made it this morning after cleaning and just wanted to share how much I love it already.
I will be making a DIY tutorial on how to make this and other cool things to come. I love to crochet. Big fanatic!

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Happy Sunday…Err I mean Easter…


If you celebrate, Happy Easter. If you don’t, Happy Sunday!

Tony has been trying hard all week to make Easter special for us. We’ve been together for over two years, but we haven’t actually had an Easter together. I’ve always been near my family for this holiday. Since he doesn’t go to church, we are going to miss that part.

I see my Easter basket on the banister, but I haven’t touched it or even looked at it but a few times. I promised Tony I wouldn’t go through until he wakes up. (That would be about 4 PM.)

Growing up, my favorite part about Easter, was spending time with family that you haven’t seen since Christmas. It’s not about eating the Easter color M&M’s or making┬ápotato┬ácasserole, it’s about the conversations with the people you love.

This year, I won’t be with my family. I don’t know if I would even consider my family, MY family. I don’t even know what to say about them.

If you are dyeing eggs today or even making the ham, have fun with your family.



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Day 3 && Day 4

Day 3:

I spent most of my Saturday sleeping and working. Nothing really happened, but I wrote a couple new poems at work. I just happened I left them at work. I’m always forgetting that little book.

Day 4:

I’m sitting here at home, instead of work because I’m sick. Today is a short post like yesterday because I have nothing to talk about. Last night, Tony and I decided we are going to start calorie counting. I have been doing this for awhile now, and it’s so hard to keep up with it. Him and I decided that this is what we are going to do. The person who loses the weight within the next 3 months, will have to pay for the summer vacation. It sounds like a good deal. He disagreed to that, because he knows I’ll be the one to lose the most weight. What do you think? Do men or women lose weight faster?

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