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Mini Nutella Brownies (GF TOO!)

So I found a recipe for Nutella brownies online through Pinterest. (My favorite site to go to for everything. If it doesn’t have it, I tend to curl up in a ball and cry. ….Just kidding I think) Anyways, I changed the recipe into mini brownies because it can be served with appetizers too. Who said you can’t have delicious brownies with delicious food? Not me…:) The cool thing about this recipe, it only has 3 ingredients!
I made two batches. One with regular flour and one with oat flour. Here’s the recipe!

Mini Nutella Brownies

1 Whole container of Nutella (just the small one…I use Kroger off brand because I believe it to taste better!)
12 tbsp of all purpose flour (or you can use oat flour like I did. If you use oat flour, I reccommend putting in a little of vanilla to make it just right.)
2 eggs

Step One: Preheat oven to 350.

Step Two: Mix all ingredients into a bowl and stir until it looks ooey gooey.

Step Three: Spray TBSP with pam or cooking spray and use that as your tool to put in the mini pan. (Or use a scooper if you like.) Fill 3/4 of the way.

Step Four: Put in oven for 12 minutes. If you wish to have them really ooey gooey, I would leave them for 10 mins.

Step Five: Take a toothpick and put it in one of the brownies. When it comes out, it will have just a little of the ooey gooey. You made it right! (When cooking on 12 mins, I do not do this because they are done!)

Step Six: Let it cool off and enjoy!

My family has enjoyed this, and I hope you do too! 🙂


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At Home

Well, I’m just sitting here at home tonight. I am watching Family Guy with the most wonderful man in the world. Tony and I are enjoying the tv show, while the dogs are wrestling in the floor.

I made myself some dinner while Tony ate his leftovers from yesterday. The funny thing about Tony and myself, we do not like to eat left overs unless it’s his momma’s cooking, or if it is pizza.

But I made Apple Sauce Noots!
This feeds about two people.
What you need?
2 cups of egg noodles.
4 eggs.
2 cups of apple sauce.
3 tsp of butter

First, boil water then put the noodles in.
Wait until the noodles are boiled to melt butter in skillet.
After melted butter, drain noodles and mix with butter.
Scramble eggs in skillet and cook on low. (When cooking on low, will let noodles get cooked the right away until the eggs are done)
Noodles take about 7 minutes to finish.
Place noodles on plate.
Then eggs on top of the noodles.
Then apple sauce on top of the eggs.

I promise you this is delicious. It’s something my family and I share, but I wanted to share with you. It might be weird, but hell, who isn’t?

Other than that, I made chicken over the weekend for Mr. TB. He completely fell in love with it, and has asked me to make it again. I would love to, if I had the chicken. I wish when you look in a cook book, it would have a full dinner selection. For instance, I’m having chicken tonight. What goes best with chicken? Anything really, but I would like to have the option of a cool recipe to go with it.

Other than the awesome chicken, I made some muffins. We ate them over the week, and they are officially gone.

As I’m typing right now, my dog Pocket, has completely gone insane. He’s running around like he’s crazy!

Well, I am going to finish watching the show. I hope you enjoyed reading, and have a wonderful evening.

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