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IPAD SOCK. (Crochet)


I probably know what you’re thinking. What the heck is that thing?
It’s my iPad mini “sock”.
I made it this morning after cleaning and just wanted to share how much I love it already.
I will be making a DIY tutorial on how to make this and other cool things to come. I love to crochet. Big fanatic!

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Fire Burning Inside

A fire burning inside
A look into your eyes
A smile that only breaks your heart
A kiss that makes you weak
Dreaming of the day
Where wishes come true
And nightmares do not exist

A sweet memory
A hand reaches out
Do you grab it?
Do you hold on for dear life?

Calm is within the window pane.
Trapped as the rain tip taps at the glass
Laying down, listening
Breathing, in and out
Eyes closed shut
Dreams invade your eyes

A fire burning inside
A look into your eyes
A smile that only breaks your heart

A kiss that makes you weak
dreaming of the day
where I’ll be seeing you again
You fight for your life
you keep life going on
Even though the pain is unbearable
and your body wants to give up
a fire burning inside
making you stay alive
breathing in
Breathing out

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When the words aren’t enough
My mind escapes to another dimension
Making you into something better
When the screaming starts to fade,
I know I’ve reached my destination.
A smile can change my mood.
A frown can change yours.
Fate cannot change here.

When the sun fades and the moon shines,
What is the difference?
The difference is life.
Life begins when the moon shines.
Sunshine only breaks my heart.
The heat and then the rain,
But again, rain when the moon shines,
Moon can be hidden,
What is the difference?
Life, you say?

When you scream at me?
I fade you out.
I break down.
I dream of a life without yelling.
All I’ve wanted,
Was pure happiness.
When you smile,
All that fading goes away.

Moon shines in on us as we sleep.
I awake at the rain falling hard.
You sleep so peacefully.

Who can make me change?
You, they said.
You made me into a better person.
You tore the broken person away,
And made her stronger,
On this very day.

What is the difference,
From today to next year?
It’s all the same.
Never going to change.

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Yes, You…Come here

You over there,
Yes, the dreamer
Would you please stop
Starring into the light
You over there,
Yes, the speaker
Please stop
Taunting me with those words
I dream, I speak,
I learn, I hear
I make up my own mind
You hurt, I lie
I keep myself
And you think it’s alright
You, over there
Come here
And hold me
You all I’ve ever wanted
And needed
A day like this
An empty day like this
You are gone
Yes, you over there
Come here where I can see
You, hidden over there
Yes you
Come here

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March Ninth


Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog. Views have gone down hill, and I am not so happy. It’s okay though, I write for myself, and for those who like to read what I write.

Since Wednesday, I have broke my pinky toe in my left foot. I pulled my shoulder out of place in my left side. I made Shepherd’s pie for the first time. I need to work on mashing my potatoes. It was really good. Pocket decided to tear paper towels everywhere in the bathroom.

I also went shopping on Wednesday, and had to go back on Thursday. I have really good taste in clothes I think. I just need to update my hair.

Other than the updates in my life, I would like to share something I came across that made me look twice. Most people think that adding 7 years to their dogs/cats life makes them how old they are. Is that true? Veterinarians say that if you use their way, you would understand how old they really are.

A Dog’s Life
If you have a 1-year old dog, he is 12-years old in human life. If you have a 2-year dog, he is 24-years in human life. And after the 2nd year, add 4-years every year after. (3d-28human, 4d-32 years…etc)

A Cat’s Life
If you have a 1-year old cat, he is 15-years old in human life. If you have a 2-year old cat, he is 24-years in human life. Use the same formula for the dog lifespan for the catlife span and you have your correct Cat’s age.

To see this full post, please click here.

Today is also Teacher’s Day. Thank you to all the teachers for making our children lives a better one.  (Yesterday in some states)
An Apple for an Apple

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This week…

I hope you like the update to the blog. I felt that it needed some change. Some more of me put into it. Not completely there yet, though.

It looks like most states are heading for Spring season. With me being on the phone all day, I hear how it never rains in California, people in Arizona complain about rocks, and men in Texas hit on me. And I’m just this because, every day, this happens.

Last week, there were a few storms. People died from these storms. It’s sad to hear these things. That’s why I do not like to watch the news. I watch CNN here and there to see what is going on with the republican race.

Topics of this week: 5 Second Rule

We all use the 5 second rule at one point in our life. Why did we stop, or don’t we stop? It if hasn’t killed it yet, will it do it the next time?
As I do a lot of reading of articles over the week, I noticed this topic came up a lot. If you drop something on the floor, even for that just one moment, it is contaminated with what is there or what could be there. You might not even know that you are eating something that could be contaminated because you are so clean. That’s not the case. If you drop something, just pick it up and throw it away. It’s not worth getting sick or even causing something that could make you die.










iPad 3:

The iPad 2 dropped prices last week, as the announcement of the iPad 3 comes out this week. What should we expect? In my opinion, I expect thinner, nicer camera, and actual headphones that come with the iPad. That’s what I would like.

Obese Guy Asks for Help
Tony just showed me this video. What will you do?

This guy wants to lose weight, but has tried EVERYTHING. Please help spread the word.



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First spring in Georgia

First Spring in Georgia

Life caught me by surprise when I met Tony. As some of you already know, he and I celebrated our two year anniversary a month ago. I only moved here in October, so its a big change for me still.

Georgia allergies? I never thought I even had allergies until I moved here. They have been wild.

I am still looking for a place, here in Georgia, that has beauty. There are spots that are beautiful, just nothing breath taking as of yet. I don’t get out much either.

It rained this morning. I woke up, hearing the rain hit the bedroom window. I went back to sleep for an extra hour.

I had to reschedule dentist appointments because someone wasn’t feeling so well. He has a wonderful smile.

Now, I am off to work. Have a wonderful day.

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News in my world:
Thanks for coming to my blog and reading about my personal life. I can be quite a catch. This past week, which was an awesome week, I got to have more time to myself. This time that I had, I relaxed, made dinner, and even caught up on a couple TV shows I have been missing. I also caught up on my sleep.

Pocket, my small dog, he’s a little bad. He’s finally survived a week without having an accident in the house. That is great, because that means he is finally being obedient. With him being over a year old, I thought it would be harder, but he’s being so good. Also, I will be posting a video on Wednesday starring him. He does something I would like to share with the world.


Android or Apple?:
I own an Android and an Apple product. Whatever you do, don’t ever ask which one I like more. I would never be able to answer that question. I love using my Android as my phone. I love using my iTouch for everything else. Tony just recently bought himself an iPad, which I use a lot when he isn’t around. I absolutely love it. The only thing you can’t do on the iPad is do word documents, which what this is. I usually type everything up before I post it. Sometimes, I even write it down.

The difference between Android and Apple App Market: Android has great apps, but not as great as the Apple App market. There are so many apps on the Apple market, I wish that Android had. I know that the Android Market is a lot bigger because of all the different phones that has the Android OS on it, but Apple is just amazing.

What is one app that you know an android user wouldn’t find on the Apple app market? Temple Run. I am so addicted to this game. Tony is addicted as well. Tonight, at our family’s house (with the UFC fights on), we are playing this game to see who can get the highest score. Tony so far has 205,000. I have 145,000. And the rest are under that.

What’s NEW and EXCITING for this week?
As seen on Yahoo news, maintaining your metabolism is good for a lot of reasons. So if you are trying to lose weight, or just to look fit, here you can find the top 20 ways to keep your metabolism good, or get it right the first time! 20 Ways to Speed Metabolism

What to expect by Wednesday?
My answer to that is simple. I want to have a planned out diet system. I want to see how long that can last before I try my next diet. Have you ever tried a diet that did work and kept off the weight? Please let me know. I would try anything.

Yours truly,



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New This Week?

What’s new this week?
Well, I’ve decided while posting my poem onto the blog, that I am going to post once a week about what has happened in the previous week. So, if you are reading this…I hope you enjoy.

Best part of this past week:
It was the moment when I got off of work, and I came home and watched Grey’s Anatomy with Mr. It was a pretty great time.

Least part of this past week:
People are full of drama. Do not get yourself in the middle of something that you do not want to.

Advice of the week:
Challenge yourself everyday, you will never know how far it will take you. That statement right there, is also my facebook status. Life can make you go as far as you want it too, you just have to take that into control. My life, well you could say it is on auto pilot at the moment. I do things the way most people do things. I put things to the side until they become a hassle. That’s when I deal with them then and there.

The only problem with doing things that way, I have a bigger mess to clean up in the end then what I had to begin with.

Quote of the week:
A kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years.
Rupert Brooke

What do you think that this means? Leave your comments below.

Video of the week:
Unknown as of yet, what would you like to see? Leave your comments below.

“I’m not your daddy, I’m your grandpa!”

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As One

Dreams are only a step away
You only imagine want you want to see
The light at the end of the tunnel
The memories that are left behind
You see your heart drifting
And your mind races a thousand thoughts
In the end, you are caught up
At the end, you smile
You found the meaning
The one dream,
The one shot,
Your one life…
You have it all.
Dreams are only a step away
You made that step
You walked into my life.
A smile could be just a smile
A kiss could be just a kiss
Your smile is more
Your kiss,
We both know how that makes me feel
Your dreams are my dreams
My dreams are yours
Your one life,
Is part of my one life.
Our lives together
As one.

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