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2013 Bucket List

So I read somewhere that having a bucket list increases the chance of doing more with your life. I have dreams about going many places with my life. Maybe not within this whole year, but to make some of my dreams come true. Here is my bucket list for 2013.

Start a diet and maintain it for 30 days.
Volunteer to help for an event at work.
Run my very first 5k.
Return to college in the summer for my business degree.
See a musical
Visit my brothers graduation
Get a new car
Visit a state I’ve never been in before
Pick out where we are getting married with the date that we picked
Lose 50 lbs this year
Visit a museum I’ve never been too
Go to a theme park
Complete a sodoku
Paint my nails everyday
Watch every episode of doctor who to date
Enjoy the sunset
Go on a road trip
Actually make a project from Pinterest

Thanks for reading my bucket list. It is not the best but it is the start of something new.

My main New Years resolution… To lose weight…:)

Soon to be Mrs!


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In His Eyes

You can see it in his eyes
The moon light shining down
Laying on the dock
Sharing stories
Getting to know him inside and out
His smile
Melts my soul

I kissed him first
He kissed me back
He drove off
And I got in my hatchback
I felt weak
In the knees
He was the only one for me

Two years later
Still going strong
Remember that day
That kiss

Remembering the question
He asked at the dock
Will you love me forever?
I will love you forever.

He knows my moods
He knows my fears
Some days
He knows how bad I hear

At the dock
He held me close
He promised me
He wouldn’t never let me go

Spent seven months
Without him last year
We fought to save
Every single thing we craved

In his eyes
I hope to be
The only girl
He said he would
Only love me

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Yes, You…Come here

You over there,
Yes, the dreamer
Would you please stop
Starring into the light
You over there,
Yes, the speaker
Please stop
Taunting me with those words
I dream, I speak,
I learn, I hear
I make up my own mind
You hurt, I lie
I keep myself
And you think it’s alright
You, over there
Come here
And hold me
You all I’ve ever wanted
And needed
A day like this
An empty day like this
You are gone
Yes, you over there
Come here where I can see
You, hidden over there
Yes you
Come here

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Tick Tock The Love Bomb Goes Off

You come to me

like a time bomb

Questions asking

Words spreading


Down into my heart

Quietly you drift away In my dreams

You will stay

Finally drawing the line

Between what is real

And what is




Oh dreaming of you

Dancing in the glass shoes

Wishing my prince charming

Would come

And rescue me

But all I have Is you

Time bomb

Is going to go off

You leave

Your footprints

Down by the pond


Poke out their heads

As they sunbathe

And the person

The person

Who is looking

For you

Tick tock

The time bomb

Words spread

As your heart breaks

Music plays

And the echoes


Tick tock

Down by the pond


Keep going

Keep running

Keep fading



Cannot stop

Until I’m close to you


The footprints

Fade In the pond

I go

Dreaming of your

Face that would show

You left

You decide

You made up

Your mind

Tick tock

The bomb goes off

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News in my world:
Thanks for coming to my blog and reading about my personal life. I can be quite a catch. This past week, which was an awesome week, I got to have more time to myself. This time that I had, I relaxed, made dinner, and even caught up on a couple TV shows I have been missing. I also caught up on my sleep.

Pocket, my small dog, he’s a little bad. He’s finally survived a week without having an accident in the house. That is great, because that means he is finally being obedient. With him being over a year old, I thought it would be harder, but he’s being so good. Also, I will be posting a video on Wednesday starring him. He does something I would like to share with the world.


Android or Apple?:
I own an Android and an Apple product. Whatever you do, don’t ever ask which one I like more. I would never be able to answer that question. I love using my Android as my phone. I love using my iTouch for everything else. Tony just recently bought himself an iPad, which I use a lot when he isn’t around. I absolutely love it. The only thing you can’t do on the iPad is do word documents, which what this is. I usually type everything up before I post it. Sometimes, I even write it down.

The difference between Android and Apple App Market: Android has great apps, but not as great as the Apple App market. There are so many apps on the Apple market, I wish that Android had. I know that the Android Market is a lot bigger because of all the different phones that has the Android OS on it, but Apple is just amazing.

What is one app that you know an android user wouldn’t find on the Apple app market? Temple Run. I am so addicted to this game. Tony is addicted as well. Tonight, at our family’s house (with the UFC fights on), we are playing this game to see who can get the highest score. Tony so far has 205,000. I have 145,000. And the rest are under that.

What’s NEW and EXCITING for this week?
As seen on Yahoo news, maintaining your metabolism is good for a lot of reasons. So if you are trying to lose weight, or just to look fit, here you can find the top 20 ways to keep your metabolism good, or get it right the first time! 20 Ways to Speed Metabolism

What to expect by Wednesday?
My answer to that is simple. I want to have a planned out diet system. I want to see how long that can last before I try my next diet. Have you ever tried a diet that did work and kept off the weight? Please let me know. I would try anything.

Yours truly,



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As One

Dreams are only a step away
You only imagine want you want to see
The light at the end of the tunnel
The memories that are left behind
You see your heart drifting
And your mind races a thousand thoughts
In the end, you are caught up
At the end, you smile
You found the meaning
The one dream,
The one shot,
Your one life…
You have it all.
Dreams are only a step away
You made that step
You walked into my life.
A smile could be just a smile
A kiss could be just a kiss
Your smile is more
Your kiss,
We both know how that makes me feel
Your dreams are my dreams
My dreams are yours
Your one life,
Is part of my one life.
Our lives together
As one.

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New Year Resolution

This past week, I have decided to put my new year resolution to test. At the beginning of the year, I went to the doctors to get a check up and see how much I’d weigh. At that time, I weighed 4 lbs more than what I do now. That is two weeks later exactly.

I feel healthier, and I even act like I am healthier. I’ve done a lot of thinking and how to do this major change.

I have decided to change my eating habits. I am such an emotional eater, it is not even funny. I love to eat food. I’ll eat when I’m happy, I’ll eat when I’m sad, and I’ll especially eat when I’m upset. That’s who I was. This is the biggest change ever to me because, it’s something I really want.

Every morning before I take my dog, Pocket, outside for a walk, I will drink a glass of water. Water helps make yourself more full before you eat. It also helps your body digest the food you are about to it. When I come back in from the walk, I will eat just one slice of whole grain bread. White and wheat bread are bad for you.

I also write in my ipod what food and how many calories I eat in a day. I do not go over 1200 in a day. Instead of eating 3 meals a day, I eat 3 meals with 2 snacks. I also eat my dessert before I ate my dinner. It gives it a better chance to burn that calorie off. My dessert is typically that second snack in the day.

When you are bored, you eat. When I’m bored, all I do is think about food. I fiddle my thumbs and just think about how much food I want to eat.

I want to provide you with some information that I have found online that helped me lose this 4 lbs.

1.) Drink a glass of water before any meal.
2.) Eat a meal. In 3 hours, have a snack. After that, wait 3 hours and have lunch. In another 3 hours, have your dessert. Then wait 3 more hours, and have your dinner.
3.) Get rid of the bad foods, so when you crave them, grab an apple. (or something you know you will like)
4.) If you sit down all day, walk while you are on break at work.

I hope to share more information I’ve come to see.



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