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Engaged On Christmas!

You read the post title…That’s right. Your little writer on The Sam Slam is engaged! We are so excited.


We are so cute!

We are so cute!

I just wanted to say how thankful I am for his family. They are just the best. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate and love them. They definitely given me the best Christmas to remember.

Okay, so not only did I get a beautiful ring, I also got a Hello Kitty bike, an iPad mini, Tardis cookie jar, sonic screw driver (obsessed with Doctor Who!), a spanking brand new camera, and more Hello Kitty things, a stuffed Piglet…..and did I mention I got engaged?

I’m excited, who wouldn’t be?

So now the real challenge awaits…What type of diet should I go on for this wedding? Oh wait, I’m already on one. You know the one, where I can’t eat wheat, rye, breads, stuff that makes my stomach twist in knots because I’m allergic to all that kind of stuff. I’ve decided that going to get my 4th meal these days, aren’t the best option for me.

There is this girl on facebook who weighs more than me but lost 53 lbs, and you can tell a difference. She is beautiful no matter what, but she is losing the weight for herself. That’s what I want to do, I just don’t have the best will power. If I eat the food with gluten, I get sick. When I eat the food without gluten, I’m like a bright light bulb, ready to explode. I can tell you right now, I hate having celiac disease. Why can’t I eat all my favorite foods?



It’ll be okay though. I am a little bit broke at the moment. (All of us get to these moments…) But once I do get caught up in all my lovely bills, I will be shopping for healthier foods. Right now, rice is my best friend. Tony did make me chili this weekend. It was delicious. And then I was hungry for pizza, and so I ordered it, ate it, felt horrible after I ate it..So it really does cost me when I eat something bad. So I’m just going to stick to my rice.

My apartment complex is big, so I guess I could go walking the whole complex, but it’s freezing outside. It goes into the twenties at night in georgia. WHO WOULD OF THOUGHT THAT WOULD OF HAPPEN? It’s depressing. I can’t wait till it’s warm and I can start riding my awesome hello kitty bike. 🙂 Best dayyy ever!

Well thanks for reading my rant.

Soon to be Mrs. 🙂

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New This Week?

What’s new this week?
Well, I’ve decided while posting my poem onto the blog, that I am going to post once a week about what has happened in the previous week. So, if you are reading this…I hope you enjoy.

Best part of this past week:
It was the moment when I got off of work, and I came home and watched Grey’s Anatomy with Mr. It was a pretty great time.

Least part of this past week:
People are full of drama. Do not get yourself in the middle of something that you do not want to.

Advice of the week:
Challenge yourself everyday, you will never know how far it will take you. That statement right there, is also my facebook status. Life can make you go as far as you want it too, you just have to take that into control. My life, well you could say it is on auto pilot at the moment. I do things the way most people do things. I put things to the side until they become a hassle. That’s when I deal with them then and there.

The only problem with doing things that way, I have a bigger mess to clean up in the end then what I had to begin with.

Quote of the week:
A kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years.
Rupert Brooke

What do you think that this means? Leave your comments below.

Video of the week:
Unknown as of yet, what would you like to see? Leave your comments below.

“I’m not your daddy, I’m your grandpa!”

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