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What could go wrong?

So, my doctors think I may have Celiac Disease. It’s not exactly what I wanted to hear before Christmas. I am going to miss all my favorite foods. I am deciding whether or not to hold a funeral by the trash can as I throw it all out. (It is all about to go bad.) Celiac Disease is (quoted from WebMD) a problem some people have with foods that contain gluten. Gluten is a kind of protein found in foods like bread, crackers, and pasta. With celiac disease, your immune system attacks the gluten and harms your small intestine when you eat these kinds of foods. This makes it hard for your body to absorb nutrients that keep you healthy.
As soon as I my doctor told me, I was kind of relieved to know what could be wrong with me. I told myself, I can finally get better. It’s only been a week, and I am still having trouble staying out of the bread cabinet. It’s all I’ve ever wanted. I don’t have what people like to call…a strong will.
My other half has been supporting me and trying to find information about what I can and cannot it. It’s been hard to find websites though. I found a list of ingredients of foods I can eat, which has been a great help at the grocery store.

This Christmas, I’ve decided that I’m going to eat turkey, veggies, and desserts I am making that I know I can eat. (Oat Flour is my new best friend.)

Is there anyone else out there just finding out that you have this disease? Find any information or recipes we can make? Please share below. I will be posting more about this once confirmed! And even if it isn’t confirmed, I am going to be eating this way because it just makes sense. I am always sick when eating wheat, and all that other junk. It’s time to be healthy.

Please post your comments below.


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Fear The Grocery Store

Imagine yourself at your local grocery store, shopping for all your family needs. What aisles do you go down? What food are you taking off the shelves? Do you read the ingredients to know if wheat are in them? The answer would be no. Most people who aren’t on the WBD do not know why they are having the chest pains, joint pains, little acne, etc., but they don’t know the truth behind wheat and how it affects us.
When I am in a grocery store, I don’t do these things either. Atleast, n’t do these things. I shop at Kroger and they have this organic section with everything I need to be wheat free. The only problem is, I have to go around all those aisles just to get to the meats and veggies. I love finding good quality meat when it’s on sale. The only hard part of shopping is seeing all the chocolates, ice cream, candy, crackers, bread (oh my gosh, I miss bread so much!)


A lot of people mix Paleo with WBD, and I myself have done the same. I know it’s only my 3rd day with WBD, but I absolutely love it.

“I’ve been eating the Paleo style for a couple months now, of course we all fall off the wagon every now and then, all have to get that small amount of cheat in to cure the cravings we are having, but have to try to focus and not go off course 100%. That’s what’s awesome about Paleo… its an 80/20 rule, 80% Paleo with the remaining 20% allocated to cheat foods (aka: unhealthy cravings). After switching over to this style of eating I personally have found I have more energy, feel refreshed throughout the day, have toned up in my percentage of body fat.” From –  crazyaboutcrossfit.wordpress.com/
I love what this blogger says about Paleo. I hope this helps my readers also. And stop by crazyaboutcross fit to follow their adventures!
Today’s goal:
Find a food that you’ve never tried before. Make sure it is WBD/Paleo. Please tell me what you tried! And I’ll post what I tried on tomorrow’s post!

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