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2013 Bucket List

So I read somewhere that having a bucket list increases the chance of doing more with your life. I have dreams about going many places with my life. Maybe not within this whole year, but to make some of my dreams come true. Here is my bucket list for 2013.

Start a diet and maintain it for 30 days.
Volunteer to help for an event at work.
Run my very first 5k.
Return to college in the summer for my business degree.
See a musical
Visit my brothers graduation
Get a new car
Visit a state I’ve never been in before
Pick out where we are getting married with the date that we picked
Lose 50 lbs this year
Visit a museum I’ve never been too
Go to a theme park
Complete a sodoku
Paint my nails everyday
Watch every episode of doctor who to date
Enjoy the sunset
Go on a road trip
Actually make a project from Pinterest

Thanks for reading my bucket list. It is not the best but it is the start of something new.

My main New Years resolution… To lose weight…:)

Soon to be Mrs!


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Standing Still

The wind blowing

As I stand still near the lake

The willow tree swaying
As my bones start to break
Not knowing where the journey will take me
But standing alone

Wishing I had gone back inside
To just keep away the fear
Now that I am facing it
Before me, I stand
I close my eyes
And put out my hand


Warmth touches my hand
I smile, but that fades away quickly
I open my eyes
You are standing there
Making sure I am warm
You’ve given me everything
That I could ever ask for

I breathe in
Letting the wind blow on its way
No sun did shine on that day
I close my eyes once more
And the nightmares dig in their way
Is it okay to be afraid?


I know it’s been a long time folks. It’s been a long time for me as well. I haven’t even written a poem in such a long time. Writers block has definitely taken a toll on me. It’s the season you could say. It’s almost Christmas. I am happy I am off of work this year again. 

News: I moved into a bigger apartment with my boyfriend. I also got promoted at work. Yay! I’ve been so busy with training and the move, I haven’t really had time for myself. I took vacation days this week where I could relax (and also go shopping!). 

I will do my best to continue writing my story. I hope you still read.


She sat there listening to his heart beat.
Wishing hers could beat as fast as his.
Her eyes closed tightly as she held his hands.
And she went to sleep.
She dreams of where no pain could come her way.
She could stand still for hours,
And feel the wind against her bare skin.
When she wakes,
She doesn’t feel pain.
She listens to his beating heart.
So fast, so breath taking,
He holds her tight
Cold skin,
Fierce eyes
Echo of his voice is a sin
Sleepless nights when he is with her
He keeps her calm in his arms
She escapes when morning comes
And his heart beats slower
Faster when she is around
She wishes her heart could beat like his
Could beat at all


Hi everyone. I decided to branch out to facebook! If you could please stop by and give me a like….That would be great. Do not worry, I do not spam. I only like to write once a day, maybe every other day. You can also find out about latest things in poetry world for TheSamSlam…….


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Wheat Belly Diet

I have decided to learn more about the Wheat Belly Diet and start keeping track of my calorie intake. So many people have tried this diet and successfully got to their weigh loss goal and kept it off. I have been having so many problems with what I eat. You could say….I’m an everyday, everything eater. If it’s in front of me, I’ll eat it.

Why the Wheat Belly Diet? I have only read tidbits of the book because I didn’t think it worked at first. I am going to be borrowing the book again, and hopefully read the WHOLE book this time! It is hard to find recipes that I know I will enjoy, because I am a picky eater. I just want to stop craving food all the time. 

My future mother-in-law has put her whole household on this diet. I should stay with her for a week to see what it’s like!

The Wheat Belly Diet, please click the link to see for yourself. 

Right now, I am making a shopping list to start cooking wheat free! 

Writing never gets old for me. I write every day. I write for myself. If you are reading this, then you have some interest in my blog. Would you mind taking a few moments and telling me why you like reading my thoughts, my words….my beliefs…my poems? I never understood why anyone read what I had to write. Sometimes, I don’t even think it is good.

Yet again, I write for myself. I believe in myself and that my writings can take me somewhere.

Followers, if you are reading this…Thank you for the support. Everytime I get a new email that says like, makes me want to post another. Most of my writings are on paper at work. When I write on the blog…They aren’t edited writings…They are fresh off the press.

Time to go swimming. 🙂



Thank You Followers

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Yes, You…Come here

You over there,
Yes, the dreamer
Would you please stop
Starring into the light
You over there,
Yes, the speaker
Please stop
Taunting me with those words
I dream, I speak,
I learn, I hear
I make up my own mind
You hurt, I lie
I keep myself
And you think it’s alright
You, over there
Come here
And hold me
You all I’ve ever wanted
And needed
A day like this
An empty day like this
You are gone
Yes, you over there
Come here where I can see
You, hidden over there
Yes you
Come here

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I’ve decided….

I’ve decided I’m going to change this blog up. This will no longer be my personal blog, just what the name is…. The Sam Slam. I will be posting writings of my own and from other writers. I will be posting a link to my own personal blog for those who want to follow.
Let’s kick this off by a poem I wrote the other day..

The person who wonders,
Believes in the truth
The hope to move on will happen
Not knowing where to go
But the thought of almost being there,
Crosses the mind from time to time
The heart only feels what it wants to feel
Giving it away makes it feel so much better
Giving it to the right person
Makes it feel calm
The person who wonders is calm
Yet excited
Frightened at the same time
The thought of being at the right destination
It only scares so many
Hands shake
Legs tremble
Thoughts racing through the minds of those who wonder
Those who wonder are afraid of me
But what they do not know
I am afraid of them
They have no idea.

The people who wonder
Cherish their lives
As I do not
My life stands still
A hole in my body
A piece missing
Not capable of moving forward
Not capable of moving backwards
Could I just be a ghost
The people that wonder
Do not notice me
They keep me out of the way
I only know
Where I will end up
With no one to watch
Wonder away


Day 2

As I’m sitting at work, I am alone here. I feel alone. Tony works here to, but on the second floor. I need someone to talk to.
It’s boring here after 8pm. It gets slow and I get maybe, 4 calls till I get off. I keep myself away from the others because they are in their own group.
Today, I had to get up and pay rent. I wasn’t feeling well because I didn’t get much sleep. Tony told me he didn’t go to bed until seven a.m. and he was sick all night. I felt bad.
We went grocery shopping last night after work. I got a lot for the next few weeks to last. If it doesn’t, I will be upset.
Because I am catholic, maybe I don’t follow all religious beliefs that the Catholics do, but since I was a young girl, I do not eat meat on Fridays during lent. Who are you to judge me?
Today was beautiful.
I hope tomorrow is well.
I will post my weekly post tonight when I get home.



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First spring in Georgia

First Spring in Georgia

Life caught me by surprise when I met Tony. As some of you already know, he and I celebrated our two year anniversary a month ago. I only moved here in October, so its a big change for me still.

Georgia allergies? I never thought I even had allergies until I moved here. They have been wild.

I am still looking for a place, here in Georgia, that has beauty. There are spots that are beautiful, just nothing breath taking as of yet. I don’t get out much either.

It rained this morning. I woke up, hearing the rain hit the bedroom window. I went back to sleep for an extra hour.

I had to reschedule dentist appointments because someone wasn’t feeling so well. He has a wonderful smile.

Now, I am off to work. Have a wonderful day.

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