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Fire Burning Inside

A fire burning inside
A look into your eyes
A smile that only breaks your heart
A kiss that makes you weak
Dreaming of the day
Where wishes come true
And nightmares do not exist

A sweet memory
A hand reaches out
Do you grab it?
Do you hold on for dear life?

Calm is within the window pane.
Trapped as the rain tip taps at the glass
Laying down, listening
Breathing, in and out
Eyes closed shut
Dreams invade your eyes

A fire burning inside
A look into your eyes
A smile that only breaks your heart

A kiss that makes you weak
dreaming of the day
where I’ll be seeing you again
You fight for your life
you keep life going on
Even though the pain is unbearable
and your body wants to give up
a fire burning inside
making you stay alive
breathing in
Breathing out

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You Look Into My Eyes…A poem about my dog.

You look into my eyes
Like I’m the only one you love
I give you a bone
You ignore me until it’s gone
You cuddle at night
You cuddle all day
You are my Pocket
And you will always stay this way
You are the only one
I tell all my secrets too
You sing to me
When I sing to you

You look into my eyes
And you whine
If I do not pet you
You get upset
And punch
Your nails are super long
And when you are happy
You wag your tail
And jump all around me

You look into my eyes
Little Pocket
My maltipoo chi
You are the only one
Who knows me for me
Even though you can’t speak
And you bark all the time
You are mine
Yes, I had to write a poem about my dog. He is my crazy awesome dog. I hope you enjoyed this. Please, please leave me a comment if you stop by! Thank you!!!

The Sam Slam

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When the words aren’t enough
My mind escapes to another dimension
Making you into something better
When the screaming starts to fade,
I know I’ve reached my destination.
A smile can change my mood.
A frown can change yours.
Fate cannot change here.

When the sun fades and the moon shines,
What is the difference?
The difference is life.
Life begins when the moon shines.
Sunshine only breaks my heart.
The heat and then the rain,
But again, rain when the moon shines,
Moon can be hidden,
What is the difference?
Life, you say?

When you scream at me?
I fade you out.
I break down.
I dream of a life without yelling.
All I’ve wanted,
Was pure happiness.
When you smile,
All that fading goes away.

Moon shines in on us as we sleep.
I awake at the rain falling hard.
You sleep so peacefully.

Who can make me change?
You, they said.
You made me into a better person.
You tore the broken person away,
And made her stronger,
On this very day.

What is the difference,
From today to next year?
It’s all the same.
Never going to change.

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Or Am I?

Living in this nightmare
Holding onto the dream
Breathing in your presence
Living without sin
Hearing the crow scream
Dancing in the moon light
Drawing pictures on the walls
An ache of pain in the well
Forever in your debt
Lost but not forgotten
Or am I?

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In His Eyes

You can see it in his eyes
The moon light shining down
Laying on the dock
Sharing stories
Getting to know him inside and out
His smile
Melts my soul

I kissed him first
He kissed me back
He drove off
And I got in my hatchback
I felt weak
In the knees
He was the only one for me

Two years later
Still going strong
Remember that day
That kiss

Remembering the question
He asked at the dock
Will you love me forever?
I will love you forever.

He knows my moods
He knows my fears
Some days
He knows how bad I hear

At the dock
He held me close
He promised me
He wouldn’t never let me go

Spent seven months
Without him last year
We fought to save
Every single thing we craved

In his eyes
I hope to be
The only girl
He said he would
Only love me

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Fate Beats The Drum

I hear the sound of the drum
Beating again and again
My fate stands in front of me
My past stands behind me
You hear the crowd go crazy
You hear them all go wild
A simple no would make them stop
All this could be….
All this would be….
I’ve given my hands to the Lord above
I’ve given my heart to the Devil down below
Those people know
They share the same fear
When will it be my turn?

Foot in front of the other
I stand still as I look upon the crowd
Do they want a slow
sight to see
Or do they want a fast
sight to see
I breathe slowly
Given every thing I got
I fight for my life
Scream louder over the crowd
And I was put down
This became my fate.

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I’ve seen him cry twice,
in my whole entire life.
I’ve heard him cry once,
while he sobbed on the telephone.
Every single time,
It made him stronger.
When she cheated,
I ran to my room and listened.
The fighting,
The yelling,
The crying…
When she left him,
She took me with her.
I remember the face.
I remember each tear
How it took a second a part
For a new one to form
How his little princess
From that day
Became into what she is today
The distance made pain
The laughter made us sane
The day she left me
I cried too.
We weren’t good enough for her
We felt ashamed.
A letter to her mother,
Telling her how she misses her Princess,
But had to give her up.
Had to
Didn’t have a choice
He fought for his princess
But she made her decision
To run
Far away
Seven hundred and forty-two miles away
Missing tears
Missing You

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On The Couch

When I finally calmed down
It was too late
The bruises
The hate
The look in your eye
I drove off
I came back
The door was still locked
I cried
And cried
And cried
I apologized
I begged
I pleaded
I felt dead
My eyes swollen shut
I laid there
And waiting
For the door open
Picked the lock
Upset even more
I forgotten what I did to you
You reminded me
I laid there
On the floor
On top of my
Green woven robe
You begged
You pleaded
For me to leave
You asked me to sleep
On the couch
I went to
The couch
You said you still
Loved me
I cried again
And was almost asleep
You came and got me
And held me
You looked at me
And kissed my lips
You made me feel
You brought me back
To our bed
And asleep
We went

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How I write

Most people write with what they know. I only write with what is on my mind. Usually, when I am writing a poem, it’s actually going through my mind as I am playing a song. It has rhythm, beats, music. And I make it come alive in my head. My mind just goes to places when I write, and I dream.

I escape into another world, and sometimes it’s hard to come out of. These may be memories from the past, dreams about the future, or just something that is going on in my life right now…But the words I write, are twisted from what is or what could be the truth sometimes. Sometimes, I just write what I am feeling about that memory, or what I was feeling then.

Some feelings just stick with you. And you are paralyzed in that moment, until you can tell the exact truth. Some memories are blocked, and they come and go, but they portray hidden secrets that you don’t want anyone to know.

My secrets are invisible. My secrets can only be seen by me. You have to tear down my walls to see what I am seeing.

I’ve been fighting the urge to write a book. About what, exactly? Just memories that I have had…Just memories that carry on with me. I do not remember anything growing up until the age of 15. Where did the memories go before them? Why do I have them blocked? I have made up memories from what family has told me. I barely talk to them that much, and I know they tell me lies to make me feel better.

I am hidden in myself.

I am hidden into my lies.

The only one knows the truth is my half.

My half…

And yet again…this is just a poem…

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Breathe In…Breathe Out

I breathe in
Breathe out
My heart hurts
But it still beats for you
Even though you destroyed it
You caught my eye
long ago
You made me
That you were bad for me
I gave in
I lost
I thought you would change
For me
And yet you still ran from me
I heard your heart
I heard it sink
I made every moment
Last like it was the last
You were the one
You changed me
Destroyed me
Made me into
What you become
Thought I
Could move on
Thought I
Could find someone new
But then there was
Always you
You would pull me
You would drag me
Made it
More pain
I was happy
For a second
I was smiling
For that
Then you
Made me frown
I deleted you
Out of my life
Stop coming back
Because I
Do not want you
I do not want you

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