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IPAD SOCK. (Crochet)


I probably know what you’re thinking. What the heck is that thing?
It’s my iPad mini “sock”.
I made it this morning after cleaning and just wanted to share how much I love it already.
I will be making a DIY tutorial on how to make this and other cool things to come. I love to crochet. Big fanatic!

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Weigh in

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know I’ve lost 10.5 lbs since last week. That is all thanks to eating veggies and fruit.

So I cheated yesterday. I had gluten. I got sick. Real sick. Sweating real bad. It was gross. More details but I’m not gonna share. Heh.


Well this is the weigh in update. I’m going to post a recipe and some food that people with celiac disease can eat.


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Life has changed for me. It just hasn’t changed for me, it also has changed for Tony too. I have found out and has been confirmed that I have celiac disease. I am okay with the news because I can finally start getting healthy. I know what is making me sick all the time. I’m tired of feeling weak, time to start feeling strong!
Now, the doctor also said my thyroid is also very high, but she said once the weight comes off, that will ease up as well. But with that being high, it will be hard to lose weight. But I’ve been eating right and will start exercising on my days off. It is a start! It’s more than what I do now.

What the awesome thing about this change in my life, is that I have great support around me. Tony made dinner last night for us, all gluten/wheat free. He made chicken and rice. He spiced the chicken up good, and everything was great. I am happy that I can have the foods I love, but just with different sides.

Another thing that I have been doing this past week, is leaving the fast food out of my diet. I can’t depend fast food anymore. It’s literally killing my insides. When you eat fast food every day, it is something that you depend on. It’s like a drug. You depend on it, because it makes you feel like yourself. I know it’s only been a week, but I feel so much better without the fast food.

At work has been difficult for foods though. I will tell you that for snacks I have been eating carrots and grapes. (My two favorite things in the world!) At work, they give us free snacks when we hit our numbers, the snacks that they give are chocolate, chips, ect… I know on my first day, I picked up a kitkat bar, and gave it away. I had my grapes and my carrots to depend on.

This disease will not define me. It will only make me healthy into the person I want to become.

I will be weighing in on Friday to see if I lost any weight with changing how I eat.

Soon to be Mrs. 🙂

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2013 Bucket List

So I read somewhere that having a bucket list increases the chance of doing more with your life. I have dreams about going many places with my life. Maybe not within this whole year, but to make some of my dreams come true. Here is my bucket list for 2013.

Start a diet and maintain it for 30 days.
Volunteer to help for an event at work.
Run my very first 5k.
Return to college in the summer for my business degree.
See a musical
Visit my brothers graduation
Get a new car
Visit a state I’ve never been in before
Pick out where we are getting married with the date that we picked
Lose 50 lbs this year
Visit a museum I’ve never been too
Go to a theme park
Complete a sodoku
Paint my nails everyday
Watch every episode of doctor who to date
Enjoy the sunset
Go on a road trip
Actually make a project from Pinterest

Thanks for reading my bucket list. It is not the best but it is the start of something new.

My main New Years resolution… To lose weight…:)

Soon to be Mrs!


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Engaged On Christmas!

You read the post title…That’s right. Your little writer on The Sam Slam is engaged! We are so excited.


We are so cute!

We are so cute!

I just wanted to say how thankful I am for his family. They are just the best. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate and love them. They definitely given me the best Christmas to remember.

Okay, so not only did I get a beautiful ring, I also got a Hello Kitty bike, an iPad mini, Tardis cookie jar, sonic screw driver (obsessed with Doctor Who!), a spanking brand new camera, and more Hello Kitty things, a stuffed Piglet…..and did I mention I got engaged?

I’m excited, who wouldn’t be?

So now the real challenge awaits…What type of diet should I go on for this wedding? Oh wait, I’m already on one. You know the one, where I can’t eat wheat, rye, breads, stuff that makes my stomach twist in knots because I’m allergic to all that kind of stuff. I’ve decided that going to get my 4th meal these days, aren’t the best option for me.

There is this girl on facebook who weighs more than me but lost 53 lbs, and you can tell a difference. She is beautiful no matter what, but she is losing the weight for herself. That’s what I want to do, I just don’t have the best will power. If I eat the food with gluten, I get sick. When I eat the food without gluten, I’m like a bright light bulb, ready to explode. I can tell you right now, I hate having celiac disease. Why can’t I eat all my favorite foods?



It’ll be okay though. I am a little bit broke at the moment. (All of us get to these moments…) But once I do get caught up in all my lovely bills, I will be shopping for healthier foods. Right now, rice is my best friend. Tony did make me chili this weekend. It was delicious. And then I was hungry for pizza, and so I ordered it, ate it, felt horrible after I ate it..So it really does cost me when I eat something bad. So I’m just going to stick to my rice.

My apartment complex is big, so I guess I could go walking the whole complex, but it’s freezing outside. It goes into the twenties at night in georgia. WHO WOULD OF THOUGHT THAT WOULD OF HAPPEN? It’s depressing. I can’t wait till it’s warm and I can start riding my awesome hello kitty bike. 🙂 Best dayyy ever!

Well thanks for reading my rant.

Soon to be Mrs. 🙂

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Apple Or Android? Help!

Tony asked me the other day to write a blog with him. I said I would be thrilled to do so. The only problem is…We don’t know what to name it. It will be Apple verses Android. He would be apple because that is what most of his products are, and I would be android. I use both products, but most of the products that I use are android based.

We came up with cool names but are already taken.

He believes Apple is the best.
I believe, “Who cares. We got the same thing. A phone.”

After researching my app market verses the apple market, there are different apps that Apple has that Android doesn’t. He always asks me to download the ones that Android doesn’t. I look at my phone and go ask why? Why doesn’t android have apps that apple support? There are so many apps that android has that apple doesn’t support. Why?

Two different markets. Two different systems. To me, the both act the same. Apple, you get to choose who your browser is…Whether it be Firefox, chrome, safari….I personally love chrome because I never have to update anything like in firefox or safari…I completely forgot to mention Internet explorer….Oh, the children days.

Chrome is like my drug for a browser. I love chrome.

I am big on apps that go on my phone. Let me rephrase…I am big on apps that go in my phone. I have had a virus or two before on my phone. It’s not fun having to factory reset your phone to get that off. And then, in 30 days, you have it again. Make sure your phone is protected for your privacy. You never know who could be listening…

A phone is a phone. You just can have the ability to stalk people away from your laptop. Woohoo, I am going ot post that on my facebook and see how many of my friends read this…Probably none of them, but who cares? I do this for fun, and who knows what they do…

Apple verses Android and the markets…Who will be coming out strong? Stay tuned…for whenever we decide to come up with a cool name and blog to outshine this one…

Show me much love!


No pictures on this post are made or owned by me in anyway. 🙂

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Hello to all friends here on WP.
This is my 50th post here on wordpress, and I have made some friends. Thank you so much for letting me be an interest in your life.

I usually just post a poem, or whatever is on my mind. This post? Same thing. The only difference is, I want to tell you the things I’ve done recently that done with the number 50.

1) 50 Shades of Grey
2) 50 Shades Darker
3) 50 Shades Freed

That’s about it! I really enjoyed those 3 books. The first one is probably the most porn I’ve ever read in my whole entire life. I am sure everyone has seen this photo, but I just had to post it. The only thing wrong with this picture, is the fact that the two women are reading two different books, but in the same page. (What it looks like to me!) I was reading an article online the other day, and how this story came to be, is amazing. From fan fiction, to famous? That is amazing.

In all fairness, it was a good trilogy to read for females. I don’t see a man rushing to the book store to pick this up. I do see a man taking his girlfriend to the movies to see it. I just do not know how they are going to put this story into a movie. I wouldn’t take my grandmother to see this, that is for sure. I watched Magic Mike with my Er (Mother-in-law), and that was awkward. Will I do it again? Most likely. That was such a great chick flick, except for the two guys that sat in the front row and kept yelling. Sometimes men just ruin the fun out of everything for us girls…(I am not trying to put you men down in anyway, but if it was a women up there dancing on the big screen, you would yell at us to shut up. :))

My other half and I, saw the Amazing Spider-Man. It was such a good movie. If you haven’t seen it, please go! It’s much better than what else is out there. At the end, it says “Story by…James Vanderbilt” I told Tony how exciting that was…Then he realized he didn’t know who that was. Then I found out I confused myself with James Van Der Beek….Haha, oh well.

Are we still losing weight? I have tried! When  you are broke, fast food is cheap! I can’t wait until next pay day to stock my fridge back up.


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Let’s start this post off by saying….I am so sorry that I haven’t posted in over a month almost….It’s been way too long, but frankly I have been just plain busy!

I have started my Mary Kay business back up, and let me tell you…It’s been a work just to get it started. But I officially have made it back to the active status! Woo!

I laid out in the sun today, and I’m sunburnt….at 9:30am…YES!

Feeling the heat now…

Well, I gotta go back out and lay for a little more…Take care!

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Happy Sunday…Err I mean Easter…


If you celebrate, Happy Easter. If you don’t, Happy Sunday!

Tony has been trying hard all week to make Easter special for us. We’ve been together for over two years, but we haven’t actually had an Easter together. I’ve always been near my family for this holiday. Since he doesn’t go to church, we are going to miss that part.

I see my Easter basket on the banister, but I haven’t touched it or even looked at it but a few times. I promised Tony I wouldn’t go through until he wakes up. (That would be about 4 PM.)

Growing up, my favorite part about Easter, was spending time with family that you haven’t seen since Christmas. It’s not about eating the Easter color M&M’s or making potato casserole, it’s about the conversations with the people you love.

This year, I won’t be with my family. I don’t know if I would even consider my family, MY family. I don’t even know what to say about them.

If you are dyeing eggs today or even making the ham, have fun with your family.



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March Ninth


Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog. Views have gone down hill, and I am not so happy. It’s okay though, I write for myself, and for those who like to read what I write.

Since Wednesday, I have broke my pinky toe in my left foot. I pulled my shoulder out of place in my left side. I made Shepherd’s pie for the first time. I need to work on mashing my potatoes. It was really good. Pocket decided to tear paper towels everywhere in the bathroom.

I also went shopping on Wednesday, and had to go back on Thursday. I have really good taste in clothes I think. I just need to update my hair.

Other than the updates in my life, I would like to share something I came across that made me look twice. Most people think that adding 7 years to their dogs/cats life makes them how old they are. Is that true? Veterinarians say that if you use their way, you would understand how old they really are.

A Dog’s Life
If you have a 1-year old dog, he is 12-years old in human life. If you have a 2-year dog, he is 24-years in human life. And after the 2nd year, add 4-years every year after. (3d-28human, 4d-32 years…etc)

A Cat’s Life
If you have a 1-year old cat, he is 15-years old in human life. If you have a 2-year old cat, he is 24-years in human life. Use the same formula for the dog lifespan for the catlife span and you have your correct Cat’s age.

To see this full post, please click here.

Today is also Teacher’s Day. Thank you to all the teachers for making our children lives a better one.  (Yesterday in some states)
An Apple for an Apple

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