I know it’s been a long time folks. It’s been a long time for me as well. I haven’t even written a poem in such a long time. Writers block has definitely taken a toll on me. It’s the season you could say. It’s almost Christmas. I am happy I am off of work this year again. 

News: I moved into a bigger apartment with my boyfriend. I also got promoted at work. Yay! I’ve been so busy with training and the move, I haven’t really had time for myself. I took vacation days this week where I could relax (and also go shopping!). 

I will do my best to continue writing my story. I hope you still read.


She sat there listening to his heart beat.
Wishing hers could beat as fast as his.
Her eyes closed tightly as she held his hands.
And she went to sleep.
She dreams of where no pain could come her way.
She could stand still for hours,
And feel the wind against her bare skin.
When she wakes,
She doesn’t feel pain.
She listens to his beating heart.
So fast, so breath taking,
He holds her tight
Cold skin,
Fierce eyes
Echo of his voice is a sin
Sleepless nights when he is with her
He keeps her calm in his arms
She escapes when morning comes
And his heart beats slower
Faster when she is around
She wishes her heart could beat like his
Could beat at all


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