In His Eyes

You can see it in his eyes
The moon light shining down
Laying on the dock
Sharing stories
Getting to know him inside and out
His smile
Melts my soul

I kissed him first
He kissed me back
He drove off
And I got in my hatchback
I felt weak
In the knees
He was the only one for me

Two years later
Still going strong
Remember that day
That kiss

Remembering the question
He asked at the dock
Will you love me forever?
I will love you forever.

He knows my moods
He knows my fears
Some days
He knows how bad I hear

At the dock
He held me close
He promised me
He wouldn’t never let me go

Spent seven months
Without him last year
We fought to save
Every single thing we craved

In his eyes
I hope to be
The only girl
He said he would
Only love me

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2 thoughts on “In His Eyes

  1. Wonderfully sweet and sensual; nice flow and transition. Well done!

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