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Hi everyone. I decided to branch out to facebook! If you could please stop by and give me a like….That would be great. Do not worry, I do not spam. I only like to write once a day, maybe every other day. You can also find out about latest things in poetry world for TheSamSlam…….


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Fire Burning Inside

A fire burning inside
A look into your eyes
A smile that only breaks your heart
A kiss that makes you weak
Dreaming of the day
Where wishes come true
And nightmares do not exist

A sweet memory
A hand reaches out
Do you grab it?
Do you hold on for dear life?

Calm is within the window pane.
Trapped as the rain tip taps at the glass
Laying down, listening
Breathing, in and out
Eyes closed shut
Dreams invade your eyes

A fire burning inside
A look into your eyes
A smile that only breaks your heart

A kiss that makes you weak
dreaming of the day
where I’ll be seeing you again
You fight for your life
you keep life going on
Even though the pain is unbearable
and your body wants to give up
a fire burning inside
making you stay alive
breathing in
Breathing out

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You Look Into My Eyes…A poem about my dog.

You look into my eyes
Like I’m the only one you love
I give you a bone
You ignore me until it’s gone
You cuddle at night
You cuddle all day
You are my Pocket
And you will always stay this way
You are the only one
I tell all my secrets too
You sing to me
When I sing to you

You look into my eyes
And you whine
If I do not pet you
You get upset
And punch
Your nails are super long
And when you are happy
You wag your tail
And jump all around me

You look into my eyes
Little Pocket
My maltipoo chi
You are the only one
Who knows me for me
Even though you can’t speak
And you bark all the time
You are mine
Yes, I had to write a poem about my dog. He is my crazy awesome dog. I hope you enjoyed this. Please, please leave me a comment if you stop by! Thank you!!!

The Sam Slam

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Apple Or Android? Help!

Tony asked me the other day to write a blog with him. I said I would be thrilled to do so. The only problem is…We don’t know what to name it. It will be Apple verses Android. He would be apple because that is what most of his products are, and I would be android. I use both products, but most of the products that I use are android based.

We came up with cool names but are already taken.

He believes Apple is the best.
I believe, “Who cares. We got the same thing. A phone.”

After researching my app market verses the apple market, there are different apps that Apple has that Android doesn’t. He always asks me to download the ones that Android doesn’t. I look at my phone and go ask why? Why doesn’t android have apps that apple support? There are so many apps that android has that apple doesn’t support. Why?

Two different markets. Two different systems. To me, the both act the same. Apple, you get to choose who your browser is…Whether it be Firefox, chrome, safari….I personally love chrome because I never have to update anything like in firefox or safari…I completely forgot to mention Internet explorer….Oh, the children days.

Chrome is like my drug for a browser. I love chrome.

I am big on apps that go on my phone. Let me rephrase…I am big on apps that go in my phone. I have had a virus or two before on my phone. It’s not fun having to factory reset your phone to get that off. And then, in 30 days, you have it again. Make sure your phone is protected for your privacy. You never know who could be listening…

A phone is a phone. You just can have the ability to stalk people away from your laptop. Woohoo, I am going ot post that on my facebook and see how many of my friends read this…Probably none of them, but who cares? I do this for fun, and who knows what they do…

Apple verses Android and the markets…Who will be coming out strong? Stay tuned…for whenever we decide to come up with a cool name and blog to outshine this one…

Show me much love!


No pictures on this post are made or owned by me in anyway. 🙂

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When the words aren’t enough
My mind escapes to another dimension
Making you into something better
When the screaming starts to fade,
I know I’ve reached my destination.
A smile can change my mood.
A frown can change yours.
Fate cannot change here.

When the sun fades and the moon shines,
What is the difference?
The difference is life.
Life begins when the moon shines.
Sunshine only breaks my heart.
The heat and then the rain,
But again, rain when the moon shines,
Moon can be hidden,
What is the difference?
Life, you say?

When you scream at me?
I fade you out.
I break down.
I dream of a life without yelling.
All I’ve wanted,
Was pure happiness.
When you smile,
All that fading goes away.

Moon shines in on us as we sleep.
I awake at the rain falling hard.
You sleep so peacefully.

Who can make me change?
You, they said.
You made me into a better person.
You tore the broken person away,
And made her stronger,
On this very day.

What is the difference,
From today to next year?
It’s all the same.
Never going to change.

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Hello to all friends here on WP.
This is my 50th post here on wordpress, and I have made some friends. Thank you so much for letting me be an interest in your life.

I usually just post a poem, or whatever is on my mind. This post? Same thing. The only difference is, I want to tell you the things I’ve done recently that done with the number 50.

1) 50 Shades of Grey
2) 50 Shades Darker
3) 50 Shades Freed

That’s about it! I really enjoyed those 3 books. The first one is probably the most porn I’ve ever read in my whole entire life. I am sure everyone has seen this photo, but I just had to post it. The only thing wrong with this picture, is the fact that the two women are reading two different books, but in the same page. (What it looks like to me!) I was reading an article online the other day, and how this story came to be, is amazing. From fan fiction, to famous? That is amazing.

In all fairness, it was a good trilogy to read for females. I don’t see a man rushing to the book store to pick this up. I do see a man taking his girlfriend to the movies to see it. I just do not know how they are going to put this story into a movie. I wouldn’t take my grandmother to see this, that is for sure. I watched Magic Mike with my Er (Mother-in-law), and that was awkward. Will I do it again? Most likely. That was such a great chick flick, except for the two guys that sat in the front row and kept yelling. Sometimes men just ruin the fun out of everything for us girls…(I am not trying to put you men down in anyway, but if it was a women up there dancing on the big screen, you would yell at us to shut up. :))

My other half and I, saw the Amazing Spider-Man. It was such a good movie. If you haven’t seen it, please go! It’s much better than what else is out there. At the end, it says “Story by…James Vanderbilt” I told Tony how exciting that was…Then he realized he didn’t know who that was. Then I found out I confused myself with James Van Der Beek….Haha, oh well.

Are we still losing weight? I have tried! When  you are broke, fast food is cheap! I can’t wait until next pay day to stock my fridge back up.


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Or Am I?

Living in this nightmare
Holding onto the dream
Breathing in your presence
Living without sin
Hearing the crow scream
Dancing in the moon light
Drawing pictures on the walls
An ache of pain in the well
Forever in your debt
Lost but not forgotten
Or am I?

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In His Eyes

You can see it in his eyes
The moon light shining down
Laying on the dock
Sharing stories
Getting to know him inside and out
His smile
Melts my soul

I kissed him first
He kissed me back
He drove off
And I got in my hatchback
I felt weak
In the knees
He was the only one for me

Two years later
Still going strong
Remember that day
That kiss

Remembering the question
He asked at the dock
Will you love me forever?
I will love you forever.

He knows my moods
He knows my fears
Some days
He knows how bad I hear

At the dock
He held me close
He promised me
He wouldn’t never let me go

Spent seven months
Without him last year
We fought to save
Every single thing we craved

In his eyes
I hope to be
The only girl
He said he would
Only love me

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