I’ve seen him cry twice,
in my whole entire life.
I’ve heard him cry once,
while he sobbed on the telephone.
Every single time,
It made him stronger.
When she cheated,
I ran to my room and listened.
The fighting,
The yelling,
The crying…
When she left him,
She took me with her.
I remember the face.
I remember each tear
How it took a second a part
For a new one to form
How his little princess
From that day
Became into what she is today
The distance made pain
The laughter made us sane
The day she left me
I cried too.
We weren’t good enough for her
We felt ashamed.
A letter to her mother,
Telling her how she misses her Princess,
But had to give her up.
Had to
Didn’t have a choice
He fought for his princess
But she made her decision
To run
Far away
Seven hundred and forty-two miles away
Missing tears
Missing You

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