Wheat Belly Diet

I have decided to learn more about the Wheat Belly Diet and start keeping track of my calorie intake. So many people have tried this diet and successfully got to their weigh loss goal and kept it off. I have been having so many problems with what I eat. You could say….I’m an everyday, everything eater. If it’s in front of me, I’ll eat it.

Why the Wheat Belly Diet? I have only read tidbits of the book because I didn’t think it worked at first. I am going to be borrowing the book again, and hopefully read the WHOLE book this time! It is hard to find recipes that I know I will enjoy, because I am a picky eater. I just want to stop craving food all the time. 

My future mother-in-law has put her whole household on this diet. I should stay with her for a week to see what it’s like!

The Wheat Belly Diet, please click the link to see for yourself. 

Right now, I am making a shopping list to start cooking wheat free! 


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