On The Couch

When I finally calmed down
It was too late
The bruises
The hate
The look in your eye
I drove off
I came back
The door was still locked
I cried
And cried
And cried
I apologized
I begged
I pleaded
I felt dead
My eyes swollen shut
I laid there
And waiting
For the door open
Picked the lock
Upset even more
I forgotten what I did to you
You reminded me
I laid there
On the floor
On top of my
Green woven robe
You begged
You pleaded
For me to leave
You asked me to sleep
On the couch
I went to
The couch
You said you still
Loved me
I cried again
And was almost asleep
You came and got me
And held me
You looked at me
And kissed my lips
You made me feel
You brought me back
To our bed
And asleep
We went

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