Breathe In…Breathe Out

I breathe in
Breathe out
My heart hurts
But it still beats for you
Even though you destroyed it
You caught my eye
long ago
You made me
That you were bad for me
I gave in
I lost
I thought you would change
For me
And yet you still ran from me
I heard your heart
I heard it sink
I made every moment
Last like it was the last
You were the one
You changed me
Destroyed me
Made me into
What you become
Thought I
Could move on
Thought I
Could find someone new
But then there was
Always you
You would pull me
You would drag me
Made it
More pain
I was happy
For a second
I was smiling
For that
Then you
Made me frown
I deleted you
Out of my life
Stop coming back
Because I
Do not want you
I do not want you

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