Key of life

You sit there watching
As I stand here laughing
Keeping myself sane
As you unravel the truth
You keep your self well hidden
No one can see you
But I can
Your heart beats loudly
And the crowd calms down
Beautiful skies
In beautiful spring time
I walk my way to the floor
Listen to my voice
Listen to the crowd
You are gone to all of us
You kept around for awhile
Watched your family mourn your death
You faked us all
You come back into our lives
Now you serve your sentence well
Damage that cannot be fixed
Losing control of dreams
And reality
You watched them grow up
From a distance
And now that you are locked up
Your wife threw the key away
Stay stay
She becomes the ex
She remarried
And now she is happy
You betrayed her
Stay stay
There is no home for you
You pretend to live
The life you faked dead for
One day
Your daughter comes to visit
She holds her hands out
And shows you she’s expecting
Asks you if you love her
And you say no
On her mothers wishes
She turns away
And you tell her the truth
She looks at you
And gives you the key
The key of life.


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