I’ve decided….

I’ve decided I’m going to change this blog up. This will no longer be my personal blog, just what the name is…. The Sam Slam. I will be posting writings of my own and from other writers. I will be posting a link to my own personal blog for those who want to follow.
Let’s kick this off by a poem I wrote the other day..

The person who wonders,
Believes in the truth
The hope to move on will happen
Not knowing where to go
But the thought of almost being there,
Crosses the mind from time to time
The heart only feels what it wants to feel
Giving it away makes it feel so much better
Giving it to the right person
Makes it feel calm
The person who wonders is calm
Yet excited
Frightened at the same time
The thought of being at the right destination
It only scares so many
Hands shake
Legs tremble
Thoughts racing through the minds of those who wonder
Those who wonder are afraid of me
But what they do not know
I am afraid of them
They have no idea.

The people who wonder
Cherish their lives
As I do not
My life stands still
A hole in my body
A piece missing
Not capable of moving forward
Not capable of moving backwards
Could I just be a ghost
The people that wonder
Do not notice me
They keep me out of the way
I only know
Where I will end up
With no one to watch
Wonder away



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