This week…

I hope you like the update to the blog. I felt that it needed some change. Some more of me put into it. Not completely there yet, though.

It looks like most states are heading for Spring season. With me being on the phone all day, I hear how it never rains in California, people in Arizona complain about rocks, and men in Texas hit on me. And I’m just this because, every day, this happens.

Last week, there were a few storms. People died from these storms. It’s sad to hear these things. That’s why I do not like to watch the news. I watch CNN here and there to see what is going on with the republican race.

Topics of this week: 5 Second Rule

We all use the 5 second rule at one point in our life. Why did we stop, or don’t we stop? It if hasn’t killed it yet, will it do it the next time?
As I do a lot of reading of articles over the week, I noticed this topic came up a lot. If you drop something on the floor, even for that just one moment, it is contaminated with what is there or what could be there. You might not even know that you are eating something that could be contaminated because you are so clean. That’s not the case. If you drop something, just pick it up and throw it away. It’s not worth getting sick or even causing something that could make you die.










iPad 3:

The iPad 2 dropped prices last week, as the announcement of the iPad 3 comes out this week. What should we expect? In my opinion, I expect thinner, nicer camera, and actual headphones that come with the iPad. That’s what I would like.

Obese Guy Asks for Help
Tony just showed me this video. What will you do?

This guy wants to lose weight, but has tried EVERYTHING. Please help spread the word.



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5 thoughts on “This week…

  1. gadgetfayre says:

    Can’t wait for the price drop to happen in the UK!!

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