Day 2

As I’m sitting at work, I am alone here. I feel alone. Tony works here to, but on the second floor. I need someone to talk to.
It’s boring here after 8pm. It gets slow and I get maybe, 4 calls till I get off. I keep myself away from the others because they are in their own group.
Today, I had to get up and pay rent. I wasn’t feeling well because I didn’t get much sleep. Tony told me he didn’t go to bed until seven a.m. and he was sick all night. I felt bad.
We went grocery shopping last night after work. I got a lot for the next few weeks to last. If it doesn’t, I will be upset.
Because I am catholic, maybe I don’t follow all religious beliefs that the Catholics do, but since I was a young girl, I do not eat meat on Fridays during lent. Who are you to judge me?
Today was beautiful.
I hope tomorrow is well.
I will post my weekly post tonight when I get home.



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