You Were Strong

You were strong
You kept your head up high
You made your thoughts come alive
Then your heart turned
You are evil
You keep your head low
You make your thoughts come alive,
Bad thoughts,
Dangerous thoughts,
Lost thoughts,
Sad thoughts.
You make actions based on your decisions.
And you have failed.
You were strong,
You kept my hand with your hand.
You wouldn’t let go.
You would kiss my cheek,
Kiss my forehead,
And goodbyes would be introduced and then the farewells.
You were strong,
To me you were everything.
Then you let it go.
You let everything go.
You turned your back on us,
On me.
You looked me in my eyes,
Made promises.
You were strong.
You were.
I’m holding on.
I can be the strength you need.
Rely on me.

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One thought on “You Were Strong

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