Tick Tock The Love Bomb Goes Off

You come to me

like a time bomb

Questions asking

Words spreading


Down into my heart

Quietly you drift away In my dreams

You will stay

Finally drawing the line

Between what is real

And what is




Oh dreaming of you

Dancing in the glass shoes

Wishing my prince charming

Would come

And rescue me

But all I have Is you

Time bomb

Is going to go off

You leave

Your footprints

Down by the pond


Poke out their heads

As they sunbathe

And the person

The person

Who is looking

For you

Tick tock

The time bomb

Words spread

As your heart breaks

Music plays

And the echoes


Tick tock

Down by the pond


Keep going

Keep running

Keep fading



Cannot stop

Until I’m close to you


The footprints

Fade In the pond

I go

Dreaming of your

Face that would show

You left

You decide

You made up

Your mind

Tick tock

The bomb goes off

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