Today is the day

I woke up today, later than usual. I’m still adapting to my new work schedule. It is much different then working 11 to 7. And you can see a difference in me.
I’m working on re-training my dog. He’s a little thing, but cute as can be. He just thinks every where is his bathroom.
When I wake up, I take him out. I feed him, get ready for work, then take him out again. This way, I know he won’t have an accident. When I get home from work, I do the same. Instead, I’m getting ready for bed. I seem to be mostly in my pajamas outside.
Pocket is his name. His birthday is on November 13, 2010th. He is part maltipoo and part chiwawa. (spelling please)
He is white and beige. He sings when you sing, and when he misses you… He will show you. He likes to sit in my lap, and put his head on my chest. Then he’ll whine till you look at him. He is my most precious thing in this world.
Having an animal has taught me a lot. He isn’t just my dog, he is my son. My best friend. He takes care of me. He also reminds me when he is hungry. He’s my little man.

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