Day 3 (Three): Cooking

Did you know that I do not know how to cook without a recipe? To be honest, I am quite fail. Now, my boyfriend on the other hand, he can create recipes from his mind. He gets it from his beautiful minded mother.

When I lived up north, I can swear to you (up and down), I never heard of grits! I know when I moved down to the south for the first time, people made fun of me for not knowing. Later, I found out that a restaurant I worked at, served them!

Southern food is much different to me then from northern food. What could possible be the same? Potatoes. Everyone loves potatoes. The first time I put french fries on a hamburger down south, I got eyes looking at me. “Who does that?” Trust me, it’s delicious.

Being from Pittsburgh, you always get the sandwiches with coleslaw, fries, and meat that you choose. It’s just to die for. Also, the old fashion hamburgers and Salisbury steaks…I am starving for my grandmother’s cooking.

Southern food, which I am a total fan of, is great. The only thing I do not like is grits…That stuff just makes me gag! (Then again, so does oatmeal, yogurt, bananas, jello…you get it…)

Also, I never ate at a mexican restaurant until I moved to the south.  I love some ques o sauce!

If you had to choose between north from the south for the food, which would you chose? Remember, it’s all yummy!

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