If There Was No Tony


When I was a little girl, I’ve always prayed for a great man to come into my life. I sat down in front of my bed, had my hands in front of me, and just begged God to give me the best man that he can make for me.

Now, I do not know if God actually heard that prayer, but till this day I have met a couple few men. The man that is currently in my life (and I know for sure that he’ll be the last), sort of resembles the looks of my grandfather. (In no way, shape or form is he related.)

I met him while I was working at CVS/Pharmacy, a little more than 2 years ago. The first time him and I ever spoke was on Facebook chat. I asked him if he could possibly work the next day for me because I couldn’t make it in. I couldn’t make it in because I was stuck in Washington, DC terminal of Greyhound. That was the worst 8 hours of my life.

I was going through a horrible break up at the time, and I really did not like the other gender. I didn’t even like myself. When I say horrible break up, I mean the worst break up you could possibly think of. That’s going a little too bit personal. (Then again, blogs are a little too bit personal!)

Anyways, the reason why I am bringing this up because is our two year mark is coming up, and I am unsure what to get him. I think I’ve decided on a few different things, but still at the point which one would I like to make.

Our first date, was on Feburary 1st 2010 at 3:36pm. I was running late, and that was the time when I walked into the bowling alley. It was sort of a blind date because I didn’t expect him to be there. I thought it was going to be our friend Trish, who we both love to death, and our other dear friend, Dawn. If it wasn’t for these two wonderful ladies, we wouldn’t have each other.

I didn’t really get to know my Tony until one day at the Chick Fil A’ in Clemson, SC. We haven’t even had our first kiss yet, but we have been together for almost a month. He looked at me, as I looked at him, and it surprisingly started to snow. That is the very moment I fell in love with him.

He has helped me grow and given me the strength to be the best person that I am.

And I quote that we both enjoy…”It’s okay to be hated for who you are, then to be loved for who you are not.”


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