Today has been one of the best days ever. I love my family. They are so special to me. I have definitely been blessed.

Christmas isn’t just about receiving gifts. It’s about knowing where you come from and how to find yourself back home. I found myself. Have you found yourself?

You can look back 10 years from now and ask yourself the same question. I bet you that you have lost yourself several times and it took your family to bring you back to reality. Reality is just over the horizon.

Other than that, I am actually under the weather with a cold. Who else is under the weather? It just the season. Though it doesn’t snow here, I still hoped it would. When I woke up, it was pouring down raining. I love the rain more.

I miss my grandma back home, and know that she is doing well… Makes me really excited. I love her and she keeps me strong. She raised me to know right from wrong, and make sure that any boy that makes me cry isn’t worth my time. She taught me how to love and to trust people. We can be stingy, but hey… That’s a Yankee for ya!

Even though I have received great gifts (iPod touch iOS 5, kinect, and a huge cupcake full of candy, and a Clemson sweatshirt), I loved seeing everyone open up their gifts. I also got a new tv which will be used really soon.

When Tony opened up his gifts… I am so happy he loves his kindle fire.

Life couldn’t be more perfect.

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