Today is PayDay!

It’s the week before Christmas, and like many other people, I have not gotten my Christmas shopping done. Am I going to rush to get my last minute gifts? No, but I do want to get something special.

Pay day is the best day of the week, because it’s the night where you go out and blow it. After that, I am broke for the next two weeks…and course keeps repeating itself.

Other than Christmas, I just want this week to end because I do not like working day shift at work. It is the worst shift ever. I barely have a morning and night to myself. I just can’t wait to go back to the evening shift.

As for anything else, have a swell day….I’ll see you back here later.

“Words are written on our hearts. Our brain is just reading a story. It is keeping itself occupied.” 


And you know, because I’ll “miss” you…



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