Not A Haunting Mentality

Wrote on: September 13, 2010


Your heart is like the meadow,

But underneath the sea.

The feeling that lies between the earth and heaven

Caught you between sleep and being awake

Breathless when you look up

Troubled when you look down

The rain can’t push you down so far

But when it does

You lie there awake

Paused at the moment you thought you have tried

But you gave up

You gave up every second wasted on something else

When it could of been me

Your cold eyes sink into the ground

A puddle covering the darkness that surrounds

A simple goodbye would have been nice

The last time you held me

Was betrayal

And a mistake

I haven’t said a word

And it’s all that I can take

Breathe in breathe out

Easy now It will not hurt

It will not haunt

A soft embrace is what I have wanted

What I have needed

You are a broken record that skips to a beat

A beat that is damaged with lust

With love full of anger

Touched with my hands that will cause danger

Gone at the end of the storm

You pull yourself back up

Clean before but you know you have done something that makes you feel dirty

Nothing will be able to clean your mentality


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