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For my heart is broken, and my eyes are covered up.
The lies are secrets that no one can trust.
I’m gone in my head, and in my mind,
I lost all what is inside of me, that can not be kind.
Who is what I want to be, but past is past,
And present is present,
Future is future,
And I’m just alive here now, waiting patiently.
Secrets are drove by thousand little lies.
Deep ones cut hearts, bleed into
My heart is simple a kiss away with words from a mysterious linger.
I am not alone in this world.
I am simply not alone.
But who is to say who is alone, and what is lonely…
Only true loners know the feeling of simple loneliness.
I catch a simple glance on you and simple words from your mouth.
My heart beats faster, and your hands start to glide to my neck.
“Please, don’t choke me! Why did I derseve this?”
And my heart plees with yours, I’m lost in the solemn blue eyes.
And secrets come undone with a word from the
God has left me here to survive for his sins.
Mistakes have come and gone, but do we really learn from them?
Am I a liar God? Did I decieve you? Should I be hung?
And in my mind, I do not believe I have, but simple words come and go.
Simple words in my mind that echo.
Echo till this day that I might always be alone in this world.
And who might know when I will feel the happiness again.
is strong and life is pure.
But there are plenty of mistakes in this world, that I cannot deal with.
I’m lost in my mind, lost in my soul.
This world has taken me for granted,
But my story….
It is still untold.



Today has been one of the best days ever. I love my family. They are so special to me. I have definitely been blessed.

Christmas isn’t just about receiving gifts. It’s about knowing where you come from and how to find yourself back home. I found myself. Have you found yourself?

You can look back 10 years from now and ask yourself the same question. I bet you that you have lost yourself several times and it took your family to bring you back to reality. Reality is just over the horizon.

Other than that, I am actually under the weather with a cold. Who else is under the weather? It just the season. Though it doesn’t snow here, I still hoped it would. When I woke up, it was pouring down raining. I love the rain more.

I miss my grandma back home, and know that she is doing well… Makes me really excited. I love her and she keeps me strong. She raised me to know right from wrong, and make sure that any boy that makes me cry isn’t worth my time. She taught me how to love and to trust people. We can be stingy, but hey… That’s a Yankee for ya!

Even though I have received great gifts (iPod touch iOS 5, kinect, and a huge cupcake full of candy, and a Clemson sweatshirt), I loved seeing everyone open up their gifts. I also got a new tv which will be used really soon.

When Tony opened up his gifts… I am so happy he loves his kindle fire.

Life couldn’t be more perfect.

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Today is PayDay!

It’s the week before Christmas, and like many other people, I have not gotten my Christmas shopping done. Am I going to rush to get my last minute gifts? No, but I do want to get something special.

Pay day is the best day of the week, because it’s the night where you go out and blow it. After that, I am broke for the next two weeks…and course keeps repeating itself.

Other than Christmas, I just want this week to end because I do not like working day shift at work. It is the worst shift ever. I barely have a morning and night to myself. I just can’t wait to go back to the evening shift.

As for anything else, have a swell day….I’ll see you back here later.

“Words are written on our hearts. Our brain is just reading a story. It is keeping itself occupied.” 


And you know, because I’ll “miss” you…


Not A Haunting Mentality

Wrote on: September 13, 2010


Your heart is like the meadow,

But underneath the sea.

The feeling that lies between the earth and heaven

Caught you between sleep and being awake

Breathless when you look up

Troubled when you look down

The rain can’t push you down so far

But when it does

You lie there awake

Paused at the moment you thought you have tried

But you gave up

You gave up every second wasted on something else

When it could of been me

Your cold eyes sink into the ground

A puddle covering the darkness that surrounds

A simple goodbye would have been nice

The last time you held me

Was betrayal

And a mistake

I haven’t said a word

And it’s all that I can take

Breathe in breathe out

Easy now It will not hurt

It will not haunt

A soft embrace is what I have wanted

What I have needed

You are a broken record that skips to a beat

A beat that is damaged with lust

With love full of anger

Touched with my hands that will cause danger

Gone at the end of the storm

You pull yourself back up

Clean before but you know you have done something that makes you feel dirty

Nothing will be able to clean your mentality

What I want my readers to know…

Hey ya’ll,

Whether you are reading this or not, I don’t really mind. I just want to express my opinions and put my writings online and here. If you don’t like it, or if you have a comment to change something, let me know. I’m not really one of those pet peavers. I do enjoy writing poetry, it is my passion hence my username on this site.

So be jealous…I know I would be if I was reading this… 🙂


And you know who this is…

Signed and glad that this post is over with,


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